Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival

The Art Show

The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival is a juried art show. Each year, we receive more than 600 applications for the festival. Each applicant is required to submit three images of their work and one image of their display area along with their application. Qualified jurors are shown each artist's images simultaneously and anonymously, and collectively choose more than 200 artists who will be invited to exhibit their work. Best of Show, Awards of Distinction, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Honor, and Awards of Merit winners from the previous year’s festival are exempt from the jurying process.

The artists compete for a total of $25,000 in prize money in categories including ceramics, drawing, fiber/leather, glass, jewelry, mixed media, oil/acrylic, photography, printmaking/graphics, sculpture, watercolor and wood.

This family oriented festival is ranked in the top 50 Fine Art Shows in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine.


2013 Exhibiting Artists


Booth Location
Douglas Adams Picasso Place 24
Michael Barnes Lewis Lane 9
Patrick and Hil-Dee Bates Degas Drive 6
Rhonda Cearlock Picasso Place 3
Fong Choo Turner Trail 14
Lucy Clark Rockwell Drive 13
Kris & Al Clement Degas Drive 1
Richard Collison Warhol Way 18
Lou-Mitchell Courtney Warhol Way 29
Mikyung Cunningham Picasso Place 12
Thomas Feyrer Rockwell Drive 15
Lynn Fisher Turner Trail 19
Thomas Grow Lewis Lane 5 & 6
Rod Hemming Rockwell Drive 9
Robert Kastrinos Renoir Road 3
Michael Kifer Warhol Way 15
Michael Mahan Picasso Place 33
Scott Martin Rodin Row 20
Craig McMillin  Warhol Way 9
Don McWhorter Picasso Place 42
Greg Neal Warhol Way 27
Tim Peters Picasso Place 38
Guadalupe Robinson Lewis Lane 3
Chuck Solberg Degas Drive 14
Mike Taylor Picasso Place 20
Jill Tortorella Dali Drive 13
Fred Wiesener Turner Trail 3


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Alain Bathelot Rodin Row 16
Carol Ferony Dali Drive 5
Aaron Reed Epstein Way 2
Patrick Reynolds Warhol Way 25 & 26
Gurry Rowell Dali Drive 11
Christina Smith Rodin Row 1 & 2
Randal Spangler Rodin Row 8
Beau Stahl Picasso Place 39
Rob Winchester Darby's Way 11
AB Word Warhol Way 6


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Amos Amit Warhol Way 13
Marvin Bower Picasso Place 10
Steve Edgar Picasso Place 17
Lynn Langhoff Renoir Road 4
Mary McFarland Warhol Way 12
Gloria McRoberts Turner Trail 20
Kyoung-Joa Park Miro Manor 15
Diane Perry Lewis Lane 2
Shekina Rudoy Picasso Place 23
Mary Sly Turner Trail 1
Horace Thomas Rodin Row 14 & 15
Vickie Vipperman Rockwell Drive 10
Lee Watrous Lewis Lane 7
May Yang Degas Drive 10
Jean Yao Degas Drive 5
XiaoXia Zhang Epstein Way 7


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Mary Allegretti Lewis Lane 11
Sharron and Jim Barrett Renoir Road 5
Douglas Becker Darby's Way 12
George Bragg Rockwell Drive 12
JJ Brown & Simona Rosasco Warhol Way 23
Schella Cross Turner Trail 7 & 8
Sheron Davis Warhol Way 4
Debi Dwyer Dali Drive 10
Susan Gott Picasso Place 14 & 15
Bea Hatala Picasso Place 30
Paula Marksbury Warhol Way 33
Toby McGee Rodin Row 7
Celeste North Renoir Road 8
Steve Palmer Picasso Place 43
Mark Rosenbaum Picasso Place 1
Chris Ruminski Miro Manor 2
Andrew Shea Degas Drive 11


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Robin Aronson Warhol Way 30
Martha Banting Darby's Way 8
Lisa Cimino Picasso Place 36
John Cockle Degas Drive 15
Helmut Goral Degas Drive 9
Marilyn Greenwood Picasso Place 27
Sandy James Warhol Way 19
Sharon Johnston Darby's Way 2
Barbara Laffal Degas Drive 13
Ronald Linton Miro Manor 18
Harry & B J Mackie Warhol Way 34
Melanie Miller Turner Trail 11
Susan Moody Turner Trail 2
John Mroczek Rockwell Drive 1
Jay Nielsen Renoir Road 7
Elaine Rader Renoir Road 1
Robert Ramaglia Warhol Way 2
Diane Rennie Miro Manor 10
Jason Stoddard Darby's Way 10
Molly Strader Dali Drive 7
Clay Tinney Warhol 17
Mark Van de Bogart Dali Drive 3
Sally Wade Degas Drive 7
Nicole Wayne Lewis Lane 4
Diana Yum-Bucher Picasso Place 13

Mixed Media

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Juan Adaro Turner Trail 5
David Burton Dali Drive 1
Jan Byron Dali Drive 6
Athlone Clarke Rockwell Drive 3
Sarah Collier Miro Manor 13
James Floyd Epstein Way 6
Kana Handel Rodin Row 5
Aaron Hequembourg Renoir Road 2
Sam Jones IV Miro Manor 1
Amy Lansburg Picasso Place 28
Gerardo Leccese Picasso Place 6
Teresa Merriman Warhol Way 28
H.C. Porter Miro Manor 9
Patrick Purcell Darby's Way 9
Steve Radtke Picasso Place 25
Mindy and Greg Rhoads  Miro Manor 5
Whitney Tomlin Rodin Row 21
David Vigo Darby's Way 3


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Joey Blazek Rodin Row 3
Stephen Brehm Darby's Way 5
Robert Cornman Epstein Way 9
Tanya F. Dischler Rockwell Drive 14
Martin Figlinski Dali Drive 4
Charles Gatewood Picasso Place 41
Jeremy Hansen Turner Trail 12 & 13
Galina Herndon Darby's Way 7
Maria Hoch Miro Manor 14
Bruce Holwerda Degas Drive 8
Anna Kern Epstein Way 5
Joan Lamb Turner Trail 17
Jeannie Maddox Rockwell Drive 4
Charlene Marsh Warhol Way 20
Lin Martinique-Whittaker Turner Trail 9
Heather McGee Rodin Row 6
Brian Murphy Degas Drive 2
Danny O'Driscoll Renoir Road 6
Marian Pacsuta Miro Manor 17
Bruce Peeso Picasso Place 18
Jude M Pokorny Picasso Place 19
Jeff Ripple Warhol Way 11
Jon Smith Dali Drive 2
Hua-Yao Tung Degas Drive 4
Bill Turner  Picasso Place 22
Li Wang Miro Manor 11
Kathleen Murphy Willer Rodin Row 19
Domi Williams Rockwell Drive 11


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Frank Abbott Warhol Way 5
James/Vicki Bird/Ryer Warhol Way 21
Bernard Blekfeld Rodin Row 23
Neil Brown Warhol Way 7
Clark Crenshaw Rockwell Drive 2
Julia Dressler Miro Manor 12
Luciano Duse Picasso Place 11
Sean Gibson Rockwell Drive 8
Russell Grace Darby's Way 1
Marie Gruber Picasso Place 32
Cali Hobgood Picasso Place 2
Larry Humphrey Warhol Way 10
Michael & Bryan Jasinski Dali Drive 12
Brad Kelly Warhol Way 3
Bill Sargent Turner Trail 18
Paul Tankersley Turner Trail 4
Allan Teger Darby's Way 13
Jeff Waldorff Lewis Lane 12
Glen and Gayle Wans Lewis Lane 1
Kathy Wolfe Warhol Way 16


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Michael Bond Warhol Way 8
Lou Hii Warhol Way 1
Gillian Kemper Picasso Place 37
Richard Lorenz Epstein Way 8
Philip Thompson Darby's Way 4
Greg Turco Miro Manor 3
Kreg Yingst Picasso Place 16


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David Campbell Miro Manor 16
Ted Elder Warhol Way 22
Joseph & Bridget Farmer Degas Drive 16
Will Grant Picasso Place 5
Jack Hill Rodin Row 4
John Jackson Rockwell Drive 5 & 6
Nita Jones Degas Drive 3
John Krieger Picasso Place 34
Trent Manning Miro Manor 8
Royal Miree Rodin Row 12 & 13
A. Cesar Nogueira Warhol Way 14
Mauro Possobon Pozzobonelli Miro Manor 6
Guilloume PZ Turner Trail 15& 16
Peter Rujuwa Rodin Row 17 & 18
Ron Schmidt Warhol Way 31 & 32
Vinnie Sutherland Rodin Row 22
Michael Terra Darby's Way 6
William Wood Dali Drive 9


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Karen Bicknell Epstein Way 3
Gary Curtis Picasso Place 40
Chris Hartsfield Picasso Place 8 & 9
M Kemper Picasso Place 4
Godwin Kou Turner Trail 6
Johnny Lung Renoir Road 9
Bob Osborne Lewis Lane 10
Greg Strachov Epstein Way 1
Konstyantyn Sylin Picasso Place 35


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Charles Beams Rockwell Drive 7
Matthew Hatala Picasso Place 31
Patricia and Jon Hecker Picasso Place 21
David Levy Rodin Row 10 & 11
Ginny Lippincott Picasso Place 29
Greg Little Degas Drive 12
Peg Martinez Lewis Lane 8
Richard Picasso Place 26
Nick Molignano Turner Trail 21
Jorn Piel Picasso Place 7
John Russell Warhol Way 24
Russ Schmidt Miro Manor 7
Tom W Snyder Miro Manor 4
Greg Thomas-Moore Dali Drive 8
Michael Young Turner Trail 10


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